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Ten key learnings from Hospo Game Changers

  1. Optimise your website for mobile users – Google will pick this up and rank mobile optimised websites higher on search results. Visit The Digital Garage and Facebook Blueprint for marketing tools to grow your business.
    Sam Christou – Google
  2. Be willing to try new things – It is important to be open to new opportunities, such as using a delivery service or testing hashtags on Instagram. If it fails, you‘ll learn from it, and if you get it right, you‘ll open up a new revenue stream.
    Jared Chapman – Dimmi
  3. Use your suppliers to train your staff – The cost of training your staff can add up considerably. Take advantage of your suppliers who are experts in their field to train your staff. From your wine supplier to your Dimmi Account Manager – this is a free service you should be utilising.
    Matteo Pignatelli – Matteo’s
  4. Send personalised emails to your customers – Instead of sending a generic email to your entire database, segment your customers and send personalised emails with a strong call to action, e.g. birthdays and anniversaries.
    Damian Janeski – MyGuestlist 
  5. Take the time to reach out to journalists – Journalists will simply delete your Press Release unless it’s unique, different and of interest to them. Use a story that is relevant, then take the time to write an email that is personalised, simple and concise.
    John Lethlean – The Australian
  6. Use your Dimmi reviews to establish KPI’s – Improve your Dimmi Score while motivating your staff by establishing KPI’s and an incentive program. When you receive a negative review, always sit on it for 24 hours before you respond.
    Brendan Keyte – Script Bar & Bistro
  7. Update your TripAdvisor listing – Find your restaurant listing on TripAdvisor and click ‘manage your listing’ to ensure your address and contact information is up to date.
    Melissa Laurie – TripAdvisor
  8. Prevent a negative review before it happens – If you find that a customer has had a negative experience, turn it around by resolving the issue before they leave.
    Graham Kinsey – Ten Minutes By Tractor
  9. Take note of who your customers are – To keep your customers coming back, go that extra step by taking note of the little details, from their birthday to their favourite table. You can add these customer notes in your reservation diary.
    Vanessa Crichton – Rockpool Dining Group
  10. Set yourself up right from the start – Know exactly where your money is going, right down to which dishes are costing you the most.
    David Macintosh – Pei Modern Group

Hospo Game Changers 2017

The restaurant industry is unlike any-other. It touches millions of people everyday and is woven deep into the fabric of our society.
We live in a fast-paced world and restaurants need to keep abreast of these changes in order to stay ahead of the game.
We brought together an incredible panel of speakers; each of which have an impact on the Aussie restaurant industry, with the goal of inspiring Aussie restaurant owners to run a better business.

Agenda and speakers

Key take aways from Dimmi’s Hospo Game Changers 2017

1. Why we do what we do…
Ramzey Choker – The Grounds of Alexandria
Be passionate about your business and always be looking to take things to the next level. It’s more than hospitality – it’s got to be about joy, beauty and inspiration.

2. How do I get more restaurant bookings?
Judy McMahon – Catalina & Anna Pavoni – Ormeggio Group
Nurture and utilise your customer database – it’s your most valuable asset. Send targeted, thoughtful emails and get your customers engaged!

3. What do Australia’s biggest food critics look for?
Pat Nourse – Gourmet Traveller, Myffy Rigby – The Good Food Guide & Georgia Booth – Broadsheet
Treat every guest like they’re related to the chef. Get the basics right – great food, great drinks, great service – and deliver it in a fun, unique way. And, if you have an off night, critics will always give you a second chance!

4. How can I manage my online reviews better?
Joanna Kershaw – TripAdvisor, Jared Chapman – Dimmi, Anna Pavoni – Ormeggio Group
Ensure you respond to every single review – the good, the bad and the ugly. Respond to online reviews as if EVERYONE is going to read it!

5. How can I get my restaurant ranked higher in Google search results?
Sam Christou – Google
Ensure your website is optimised for mobile users – Google will pick this up! Also, use geo tags to ensure that when people are searching for restaurants in your area that you show up!

Useful links:
Google My Business
Digital Garage (online marketing)
Mobile Design Principles

6. How can I get my restaurant in the media?
Rebecca Gibbs – PR Specialist, George Redmond – Wassamedia, Georgia Booth – Broadsheet, Nedahl Stelio – Fairfax Media
Be creative and think outside the box. Remember why you started your business and be true to that original idea. Know what you’re good at and play to your strengths.

7. I’m emailing top food publications but they’re still not writing about my restaurant – why?
Myffy Rigby – The Good Food Guide, Pat Nourse – Gourmet Traveller & Georgia Booth – Broadsheet
Make sure the content you’re submitting is relevant to the publication. Personalise the message and make it short and concise. A catchy headline and a few good images will grab their attention 100 time more than a press release!

8. Do I need a PR agency to help market my restaurant?
Myffy Rigby – The Good Food Guide, Jason Juma-Ross, Facebook
Use the social channels to market yourself. Take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram to target your customers and create great content. (Hot Tip: make sure your restaurant has good lighting for food gramming).

9. I’m working 12 hour days, my restaurant is busy, but I’m still not making any money – why?
Erez Gordon – Restaurant Consultant, David Wilson – MYOB, Tom Hay – Blue Rock Accounting Group & David Macintosh – Pei Modern Group
Set yourself up right at the start. Sign the right deal –  if the landlord isn’t on your side, it’s going to hamstring your business. Use the technologies available to you to balance your books on a daily/weekly basis to manage spending. Know exactly where your money is going, right down to which dishes are costing you the most!

10. What’s more..
Tom Hay – Blue Rock Accounting Group
Know your three most profitable dishes on the menu and ensure that your team are pushing those whenever they get the chance.


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Dimmi launches App 3.0 – the must have app for anyone with an appetite

The new Dimmi iOS app is the go-to place to discover and book hot Aussie restaurants across the country.

Discover and book restaurants on the go – it’s a must have for anyone with an appetite! Use the app to see live availability for over 3,500 Aussie restaurants, compare reviews, browse menus, photos and exclusive offers.

For the first time ever Aussie diners are booking via mobile more than by desktop – with 65% of online bookings made on a mobile device – highlighting the importance of good mobile technology.

“Our mobile phones have changed the way we eat out. These days we don’t rock up to a restaurant and hope for the best, we do our research! That’s why we’ve made it easy for Aussies to access restaurant info, reviews, photos and menus all from the one place – their pockets.” said Stevan Premutico, CEO and Founder of Dimmi.

The Dimmi app has been designed to help match diners on-the-go with nearby restaurants and view available tables right then and there. What’s more, the new version of the app has been tailored specifically for the user. Now you can view recent searches, store your favourite restaurants, view personalised recommendations and keep a super close eye on your booking status.

“At Dimmi, we realise the importance of being accessible 24/7 and our app allows diners to hold some of the country’s hottest restaurants in their hand and make a booking with just a few taps. It’s a tool that is both functional and inspirational,” said Premutico.

To check out the Dimmi app – head to the Apple App Store by clicking here.

— ends —

Download Now

Eliminate no – shows once and for all with Dimmi Payments

It’s here. Dimmi Payments has arrived. In an effort to rid the industry of no-showers forever we have launched a full payments solution that gives you three ways to protect against diners that book a table and don’t show – with no phone call, no pre-warning, nothing.

Read more


Be your best in 2016

It was a bumpy ride for the restaurant industry this year, with the market dropping by 2.4 per cent on 2013/14, but 2016 is the year to bounce back. Whether or not 2015 was a great year for your business, reflection, planning and goal setting for the next 12 months can help you stay laser-focused on a few priority items. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to help get your restaurant resolutions rolling:

The 3 P’s
Don’t forget about three things that matter most (the three P’s): product, people and price. Remember that a friendly smile, killer product and competitive price are your bread and butter. Nail the basics and you should always be in good shape. Eat at one of your neighbour restaurants every month and see how they deliver on the three P’s.

Double sittings
Two sittings, not one, is now common practice for restaurants. Say goodbye to the 7.30pm dining slot – bookings have decreased between 7-8pm by eight per cent on 2013/14, while the time slots either side have increased. To get more people through the door and boost profit margins, consider offering double sittings in your restaurant (if you’re not already).

Accommodate the solo diner
In the last year, the number of solo diners in Australia has increased by 59 per cent, with most solo diners eating out between 6-7pm. Make your restaurant appealing to lone diners by offering bar seating, communal tables, seats with window views, wifi access and quick service.

Yield management
With most bookings taking place between Thursday and Sunday, it’s important that your restaurant doesn’t bleed money early in the week. Offering specials and deals on quieter days is one way to entice customers to dine out on Mondays and Tuesdays. Also, consider introducing dynamic pricing, charging more on busy days and less on quiet ones.

Kill the no-shows
The industry no-show rate is approximately four per cent, and with the industry already on the knife’s edge, we need to maximise revenues and protect against no-shows. Look at implementing a guarantees system that requires credit card details to secure the booking – restaurants doing this see no-show rates drop to less than one per cent.

Get intimate with your customers
Guest recognition and tailored service are key to delivering a ‘wow’ dining experience that will keep customers coming back. Think about integrating POS systems with your reservation system to store information about your customers. Greeting customers by their first name and asking them if they want “the usual?” can go a long way.

Connect to key distribution channels
To increase exposure and put more bums on seats consider connecting your restaurant to broader booking networks like Dimmi, Qantas, TripAdvisor, Zomato and Yelp. You can generate bookings directly from them, filling tables that would otherwise go empty.

New website
More tables are booked on-the-go than ever before, with 52 per cent of bookings made from a mobile device. It’s critical that restaurants have a responsive website that works well on mobile. If your website is dated and not Google-optimised, consider a re-vamp. This leads to a better user experience and helps your restaurant rank higher in Google, making it easier for diners to find you online.

Embrace reviews
Whether you receive a positive or negative review, you should reply, both online and on social media. If a diner has a poor experience, ignoring them won’t fix it.

4 things you should know about no – shows

  1. No-shows are accepted as a part of life, but the problem with the current restaurant industry is that they can cause restaurants to bleed money. The restaurant industry is years behind other sectors such as airlines and hotels, and we have no-choice but to catch-up, quickly, if we want to protect profit margins.
  2. The Australian restaurant industry has a no-show rate of approximately 4%. In an industry already on the knife’s edge (trying to survive on profit margins of 3-5%), restaurateurs need to maximise revenues and protect against no-shows. It’s one of the biggest issues facing the restaurant industry today.
  3. You can do something about no-shows! Dimmi Payments is a product that will help eliminate no-shows by:

    – Allowing you to ask diners to provide credit card details when making a booking as a guarantee. If a diner doesn’t show up, or fails to let you know that they can’t make it within the designated time period before their booking, you have the right to charge a no-show fee.

    – Allowing you to ask diners for a pre-payment or deposit when booking. This will be particularly useful for bigger dining days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Or if you offer set menus.

  4. Dimmi Restaurants that have adopted a guarantees or payment system have seen no-show rates drop from 4% to less than 1%. Here’s how it has helped Anna Pavoni of Ormeggio at the Spit:

    “We are a ‘destination dining’ venue, meaning we depend on bookings almost 100% exclusively – no walk-ins. We plan, prepare, order and staff for these numbers. Being right on the water means we are also incredibly affected by the weather. The major issue of no-shows (or very last minute cancellations) were having a huge adverse affect on our business. They were financially crippling us (imagine ordering the food and staffing the restaurant on weekend penalty rates, and then having up to 50% of your restaurant NOT TURN UP…and this was happening regularly), as well as leading to many disappointed customers who couldn’t book as we were fully booked at the time. Dimmi Payments has completely solved this issue for us. Completely.”

Keen to learn more about how you can eliminate no-shows? Simply email and one of our team will be happy to have a chat.