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How you can take advantage of the mobile evolution

Jason Jurna-Ross (Facebook), Sam Christou (Google), Simon Ross (UberEats)

  • Ensure your website is optimised for mobile users – Of the people that use smartphones – 70% are using them at home so it’s important that they are able to access your website! Google will recognise a mobile optimised website and rank it higher on search results. Mobile use spikes on morning commutes, lunchtime and when you get hom -look to do paid search around those times of day.
  • Who are you targeting? – Make sure you are targeting the correct demographic e.g. people who like a particular cuisine, people in the area of the restaurant. Then go out and engage with them – video works really well.
  • Don’t think about likes and shares – Think about real business results and whether your social media account has had an impact on your business.
  • Mobile payments have become huge in 2017 – the tech industry is looking to replace credit cards with mobile phones and are hoping to gain a lot of data as to how people use their phones from this.
  • “We know where you’re heading, we know your preferences – do you want to order your favourite food on your way home?” – this may be the next big thing, says Simon from UberEats.
  • “Google My Business” – Claim your business to update your opening hours and contact details. This service is free on Google search and you can find out more here.
  • Test and learn all the apps – Start to understand how your customers are engaging with certain products and why they are engaging.
  • Be clear on what your goals are – Do you want more customers or do you want more delivery orders? Once you identify your objectives, you can use the right avenue to accomplish them e.g. buy paid ads, set up an Instagram page.
  • Use geotags in your website – This will ensure that when people are searching for restaurants in your area, that yours show up!
  • Tips and tricks to improve how your restaurant sits on Google
    • It’s not purely based on price
    • Quality score – what you need to focus your time and attention on
    • Having a good mobile optimised site definitely helps
    • The more specific you are, the higher the conversion rate will be. It’s all about talking to the right people

Useful Links:
Google My Business
Digital Garage (online marketing)
Mobile Design Principles

Thanks to Tonic PR for these notes.

Dimmi Launches Outdoor Campaign in Sydney & Melbourne


Dimmi launches its first outdoor campaign in Sydney and Melbourne to showcase the ease of booking restaurants online. In fact, booking a restaurant might be the easiest thing you do. Choosing what to eat, and what to wear on the other hand, can be a very difficult choice!

The campaign includes a 4 piece creative rotation displayed across various large format media including:

  • bus wraps
  • tram wraps
  • double decker buses
  • train station billboards
  • and a radio campaign in Sydney   

Digital versions of the creative will run across popular lifestyle & food sites and social media.

Generate more bookings with Dimmi, Australia’s No.1 Booking Destination with over 4,000+ restaurants, 600,000 monthly visits and partner with Australia’s most searched food & lifestyle websites including Qantas and TripAdvisor.

Dimmi Rewards

The Dimmi Rewards program is designed to increase your exposure on Dimmi and bring you more of the right diners, more often.


How does Dimmi Rewards work?

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The Rewards Program allows participating restaurants to increase their exposure and drive more bookings through Dimmi. Diners who book and review 5 times through the Dimmi website or mobile app are incentivised to book an exclusive pool of restaurants through receiving a $20 food voucher.


Why join Dimmi Rewards?


Benefit from Rewards Program marketing on our website, across social media and in our weekly newsletter to 500,000+ foodies.


Increase your exposure on Dimmi and open your restaurant to bookings from over 385,000 Dimmi Rewards members.


Rewards diners eat out a lot are are willing to spend more money on a good experience. We exclude diners who book flash specials so you only receive diners who are prepared to spend more money.


How much does it cost?

There’s no extra cost to you! We will automatically credit back the $20 in your next billing cycle.


Dimmi Flash

Our weekly Dimmi Flash promotion is designed to give your restaurant a boost and drive revenue during quieter periods through enticing Dimmi members with 50% off their food bill at your restaurant.


Why run a Flash Offer?

  • Marketing exposure: featured in our weekly newsletter
  • Featured on our homepage
  • Expand your customer database: we pass on the contact details of diners that book your promotion and opt in to hear from you
  • Get more Dimmi reviews: more reviews will help to increase your Dimmi Score and in turn increase the number of bookings you receive through Dimmi

How much does it cost?

As well as covering 50% of the food portion of the diner’s bill, the restaurant will be charged the standard Dimmi Network fee for every cover booked.

run a flash offer

Dimmi Off Peak

Off Peak Example
The Australian restaurant industry joins airlines & hotels with profitable yield management.

So, what is Dimmi Off Peak? This progressive platform is designed specifically to help restaurants improve their profitability during quieter service times. Operating in line with similar yield management structures used by the airline and hotel industries, Dimmi Off Peak allows restaurants to generate revenue by using a dynamic pricing structure.

The restaurant business model is inherently flawed. We charge the same on a Saturday as we do on a Tuesday, we charge the same at 7:30pm as we do at 5:30pm, and we typically trade at only 35% capacity. Restaurant tables are perishable goods and if they’re not capitalised on their value is gone for good.

Dimmi Off Peak delivers a variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behaviour in order to maximize revenue or profits from a fixed perishable resource.

Whether it’s early sittings, shoulder times or slow lunches that you need to fill, Dimmi Off Peak is the solution. By providing an incentive to Dimmi diners, you’re now able to better direct your customers to quieter times and get more bums on seats.

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