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Rebrand Restaurant FAQs


Is Dimmi changing to TheFork?

Yes, from Monday 7 January 2019, Dimmi will be known as TheFork. Our new website will be

What does it mean when you say Dimmi will be changing to TheFork?

We are rebranding and our name is changing from Dimmi, our company will now be known as TheFork. From Monday 7 January, every single restaurant that is bookable on the Dimmi website will now be bookable on TheFork website and apps. All Dimmi restaurants will be automatically transferred across to our new website, Customers who visit the Dimmi website will automatically be redirected to TheFork website.

Who is TheFork?

TheFork is a leading online restaurant discovery and booking site in Europe. Founded in France in 2007 by professionals and experts in the restaurant and technology sectors, TheFork connects restaurant and diners in an innovative way. TheFork is bookable in 10 European countries, with over 50,000 restaurants, 12 million reviews and 19 million visits to the site each month. TheFork is part of the TripAdvisor portfolio of websites and businesses.

Why are you changing your name to TheFork?

For almost 10 years we have helped connect restaurants with diners. From an idea drawn on a napkin, Dimmi is now Australia’s leading restaurant reservation service with over 4,500 restaurants across the country ranging from hatted fine dining establishments to more casual suburban eateries. We’re proud of supporting Australian restaurants and endeavour to do what we can to help diners make new discoveries and return to old favourites time and again. Now part of TheFork, we’re focused on growing into a global brand, bringing more diners, more choice and opening up their restaurant possibilities.

What was the process for picking the new name and logo?

The process unfolded over several months. Prior to making the decision to re-brand, we conducted consumer research to understand more about our customers and if TheFork would resonate with an Australian audience. The results of this research showed that 73% of our respondents had a strong preference to TheFork, they understood the offering clearly and felt it was relevant and professional. Our next step involved consulting with a local brand agency to understand how best to bring TheFork brand to life in the Australian market, to ensure it reflected our local culture and what diners want from restaurants. After finalising our brand identity, we began the process of redesigning our website, apps, promotional, sales and communication materials.

How does rebranding help ensure continued growth?

Our growth from a small startup company to an industry leader has been rewarding, a few examples of this include:

  • Dimmi was placed on the BRW Top 100, Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Australia and Asia lists
  • We launched Dimmi Payments, giving restaurants solutions to take pre-payments and help reduce no-shows
  • We were acquired by TripAdvisor in 2015, to add restaurant reservations to its portfolio, turning us into a truly global business

We’re continuing to build on the momentum of this growth and grow our position in the market by rebranding to TheFork, a place where every diner can easily find the right restaurant for the right occasion. Our goal is to open up the world of dining, to help customers discover more than what they’re looking for. Importantly it positions us as more than just a platform, it shows that we are shaping trends and sharing insights and knowledge. We’re confident that joining forces with TheFork will help accomplish our goals for the future.

What exactly will be changing?

Dimmi will be rebranded to TheFork. Our website will become We will have a new logo, a new website, new apps and a new booking widget. We will be updating our colour palette, which has been carefully considered to bring warmth to our brand. Our new photography will be all about food discovery and the enjoyment of coming together for a meal. We will also be using new fonts to reflect our modern brand and bring a sense of discovery.

Will the Dimmi website still work?

No it won’t. From January 7th, when you visit the Dimmi website you will be automatically redirected to our new website,



What do I have to do?

The good news is that you don’t have to do anything for your restaurant to be bookable on TheFork. All current Dimmi restaurants will be transferred across to the new platform and will be bookable on TheFork from Monday 7 January.

If the Dimmi logo or URL is featured on your website or in any promotional materials, then you will need to update this with the new logo and URL. All logos are available for you to download from our trade website. The new URL that you should use is

If you have a Dimmi booking button and or widget on your website, this should be updated automatically. If it doesn’t, please contact our local Australian support team on 1300 337 761 or

Now is a great opportunity for you to ensure that your restaurant page is up to date with current images and menus. To do this please login to your Restaurant Dashboard and you will be able to upload your own menus and images for your profile. If you don’t know your login details or you need help using the Dashboard, please contact our local Australian support team on 1300 337 761 or

When will I have to transition across to TheFork?

All of your information will be automatically transferred to TheFork platform for you. will be live and available to use from Monday 7 January 2019. You will need to update any Dimmi logos, URL mentions or booking widgets with TheFork branded items on Monday 7 January 2019.

Will the costs be changing?

No, there will be no changes to the costs.

Will my restaurant be automatically moved across to TheFork?

Yes, your restaurant will be transferred to and available to book on our new website and apps from Monday 7 January 2019.

Will I still have the same Dimmi contact when you change to TheFork?

While our name is changing, our local team and our Sydney HQ is staying the same. You will still have the same local contact who can help you with any queries you have. If you’re unsure who your local Account Manager is, please contact our local Australian support team on 1300 337 761 or

Will all of my restaurant information be transferred across to The Fork?

Yes, all of your restaurant information that is currently available on the Dimmi website and apps will be available on



Will I still have access to everything in my Restaurant Dashboard?

Yes, all of your current information in your Dimmi Restaurant Dashboard will now be available on TheFork Restaurant Dashboard.

Will my login details to the Restaurant Dashboard stay the same?

Yes, your registered username and password will stay the same. If you don’t know your login details to access your Restaurant Dashboard please contact our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 or

Do I use the new TheFork Restaurant Dashboard in the same way as the Dimmi Restaurant Dashboard?

Yes, the new TheFork Restaurant Dashboard will work in the same way as the Dimmi Restaurant Dashboard and look exactly the same.

When will I lose access to my Dimmi Dashboard?

From Monday 7 January when you try to visit the Dimmi Dashboard you will be redirected to TheFork Dashboard.

What happens to my current Dimmi bookings?

All of your current bookings will still be valid. 

Will I lose my search position when I move over to TheFork?

The search positioning is determined by a number of factors including the number of bookings at your restaurant and your review score, this won’t change when we change to TheFork.

Will my Resdiary login details stay the same?

Yes, login details will remain the same. The fastest way to login is to go here –



Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No, all contracts under the former company name of Dimmi will remain unchanged under the new name of TheFork Australia. Contracts are still valid as we are still trading under the same ABN 49 135 408 927

Are your bank account details changing?

Yes our bank details will be changing, these will be on your next invoice.

What happens if I pay to the old account name?

Our old account will still be active so your payment will still be received.

Will your direct debit details be changing?

You will not need to change any of your Direct Debit details, however, what appears on your bank statement will change.

If you pay via bank transfer or American express what appears on your bank statement will change from Dimmi Pty Ltd to TheFork pty Ltd. If you pay via Visa or Mastercard what appears on your bank statement will change from Ezi Dimmi Pty Ltd to Ezi TheFork pty Ltd

Will you have different contact details?

Our phone number will remain the same. To maintain consistency with our website address, our e-mail addresses will be changing. We will begin to use new email addresses that include e.g.  from Monday 7 January.  However, our old Dimmi email addresses will also continue to work and will redirect to our new TheFork email.

Are the Dimmi staff changing?

No, all of our staff are staying the same. You will still have the same local contact who can help you with any queries you have. If you’re unsure who your local Account Manager is, please contact our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 or

How does this affect your Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn accounts?

We will be changing our social media names to TheFork Australia. If you’re already a fan, please keep following us and tagging us in posts as we’ll simply be updating the username of our existing pages.



How will regular Dimmi users find my restaurant if they haven’t heard of TheFork?

Any of our regular visitors to the Dimmi website will be automatically redirected to We will continue to send out weekly emails to our database of over 1 million diners and make regular updates to our social media channels.

How are you letting new customers know that they can book my restaurant on TheFork?

We are excited to be investing in a brand campaign to launch TheFork into the Australian market. This will include a national TV advertising campaign and a PR launch to consumer and trade media. Our brand campaign will start on Thursday 10th January and will coincide with our bi-annual dining campaign, Restaurant Month.

We will be using our existing channels to announce the rebrand to our database of restaurant lovers. This includes our email database and our social media channels.

We’re working closely with our partners to help spread the word to their networks. 

When can I let my customers know that they have to book on TheFork instead of Dimmi?

You can let them know about the changes from Monday 7 January, 2019.

How can I communicate to my customers that my restaurant is now listed on TheFork rather than Dimmi?

We have created a number of marketing tools to help you communicate the rebrand to your customers. These are available to download on our trade website.

How can I get your new logo?

We will be distributing the new files via email. If you didn’t receive this email, you can download the files from our trade website or alternatively please call 1300 337 761 or email and a member of our team can help you.

When can I start using the new logo?

You can start using the new logo once is live on Monday 7 January 2019.

Can diners still earn reward points when they book and review my restaurant?

Yes, diners can still earn reward points on TheFork in the same way that they did on Dimmi. Diners earn 1,000 points for each completed booking and if they write a review after they have dined, they will earn an additional 1,000 points. In total they can earn 2,000 points for their reservation and review. Once they reach 10,000 points, they will be able to use them to claim a $20 voucher to spend with their next booking at TheFork Rewards participating restaurants.

TheFork rewards program is a great way to get more exposure on TheFork and get more diners into your restaurant. If you would like to know more or be part of TheFork rewards program, please contact our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 or email

I noticed that the homepage looks different, will there still be additional opportunities to promote my restaurant on your website?

Our homepage is reserved for hero brand content including imagery and messages that are relevant to our diners. We will from time to time run special features aligned to events, these will also be promoted via our blog, social media channels and email. Your Account Manager will be in contact if there are any opportunities to be featured.



I have more questions, who can I speak to?

If you would like to talk to someone urgently, please call our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 and they will direct you to an appropriate member of the team.

Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?

Please email your local Account Manager who will be able to answer any questions you have. Alternative, email and our local support team will forward your question to the appropriate person.

Meet Our Team

Meet Jared Chapman, Managing Director at Dimmi

Jared chats about his love of Dimmi and working with restaurants, the weirdest thing he’s ever eaten and his restaurant concept idea.


What do you love about Dimmi?

It’s tough to choose just one as there are so many things to love about Dimmi! The big three to call out would be the team, the online space and the industry. Working with, helping grow and learning from a dynamic team is always rewarding. The opportunity to work in the online world is also very exciting. It changes and evolves so frequently from multiple new ways of marketing, to new technologies available to help customers book easily online. And who wouldn’t love working with restaurants!


Why do you love working with restaurants?

I believe we can really make a difference and help them. We appreciate how much time, effort, sweat and tears restaurant owners and chefs put in to creating a great experience so we try to do our part by connecting them with as many customers as possible and let them do what they do best. There are a lot of amazing restaurants throughout Australia and being able to help customers discover them is an exciting part of our job.


Where was the last restaurant you ate at?

A couple of weeks ago I dined at Pilu at Freshwater. I had their set menu + wine pairing which was amazing.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

In Hong Kong, you can order pigeon and they serve it with the heads in a bowl. It was quite unusual, but it’s always fun to try new things in different countries.


If you could open your own restaurant what would the concept be?

I grew up in an Italian family and I absolutely love home made pasta, so the concept would be many different types of pasta with lots of different sauces. All dishes would be the same prices so it would be great for a little date night or a quick takeaway lunch.


A high restaurant rating has a positive effect on the number of reservations. It can be a deciding factor for customers when they are choosing to book a table in a restaurant. 

Where does your restaurant stand?

All the reviews left on Dimmi are from customers who have booked and dined at your restaurant. These reviews are subject to moderation rules.

Customers receive an email the day after they have dined, inviting them to leave a review and a rating based on these four criteria: food, drinks, atmosphere and value.

How to get a good customer rating.

Below are some of the best practices to keep in mind to improve your rating and receive more reservations:

  • Treat all your customers the same way whether they have booked through Dimmi or not. If you don’t and some customers get preferential treatment this can cause dissatisfaction.
  • The photos on your site must be good quality and reflect the reality of your restaurant. This avoids the customer being disappointed on arrival.
  • Don’t let your customers leave on a negative note.  If you feel that your customers are disappointed, don’t take the risk of them going home unhappy, talk to them before they leave your restaurant.
  • At the end of the meal, ask your customers to leave a review and rate your restaurant on the Dimmi website. This will encourage your satisfied customers to leave a positive review and a good rating!
Read More
  • If the customer has booked with a special offer, remind him/her on arrival of the conditions of this special offer.
  • Train your staff to be welcoming, to be attentive to your customers and to recognise regular diners.
  • Check-in with your customers during their meal to make sure everything is ok.
  • Remember the preferences of your regular customers (favourite table, usual wine etc.) to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Tell your customers in advance if a dish isn’t available and if possible take it off the menu.
  • Make sure your customer waiting time is reasonable.
  • If customers arrive and their table is not ready, give them an aperitif while they wait so that they enjoy waiting.
  • When you seat your customers if possible avoid putting them at a table in the passageway, near back of house or near the toilets.
  • Remember that you have the right to respond to all reviews posted on your restaurant listing. By responding to a negative review you maintain your credibility and limit the impact this review might have. In addition, these reviews help you to identify your restaurant’s strengths as well as areas for improvement.

To learn more about your restaurant rating on Dimmi, please click here to contact your local Dimmi account manager.



One of the most important areas to help you attract customers is your restaurant’s digital image, whose purpose is to enchant customers through online strategies and ensure your tables are continuously booked. It is a complex process that covers everything that identifies your restaurant and its reputation in the digital world.

In this article, we summarise the essential steps you need to take to ensure you have the best brand image, so you can stand out in these very competitive times. If you are opening a restaurant, making changes to attract more customers or simply want to improve your business image, this information is for you:

The basic ingredient is authenticity

Make your brand image one that transmits your restaurant’s true personality. Not only to differentiate yourself from the competition, but to deeply impact the customer, and become part of their lifestyle and daily life.

To do this, you need to take 3 steps:

  • Define your restaurant’s essence and describe it simply, for example:

“a place where you can feel at home, we use our grandmothers’ traditional recipes” or,

“a creative culinary space where you can discover new flavours and experience a different adventure each time you visit”

  • Define the restaurant’s language, for example:
    • Casual, easy-going, friendly
    • Fun, playful, cheeky
    • Sophisticated, sober, elegant
  • What tone and style best describes your business?

Using other restaurant digital images as a reference, you can make a list of characteristics that do not identify your restaurant, this can help clarify what you want to transmit and make your digital communication work easier.

Remember to develop a strong story, one that is coherent and makes sense. This requires consistency in all your brand’s elements: graphic designs, logo, images, videos, texts and interaction with users, influencers and digital media.

In the digital age, customers are no longer attracted through self-glorification. In fact, doing so is a mistake and its consequences are quickly noticed. Exaggerating your restaurants characteristics to get attention is no longer viable, today customers want to establish an emotional connection with the restaurant’s personality and values.

Avoid phrases such as “we are the best” or “only in our restaurant can you…”, and instead go for a simple and positive discourse such as “come and share…” or “we are proud to offer…”.

Read More

√ An updated restaurant digital image

Any restaurant should currently cover three basic online visibility areas:

  • a complete profile on specialised platforms such as Dimmi and TripAdvisor
  • a presence in social networks
  • a responsive website that works smoothly on mobiles

Continuously interacting with users is also essential. If your restaurant’s potential customers are millennials for example, you should be very active on Instagram: post attractive stories and videos on Instagram TV. The good news is that restaurants and food guarantees loads of stories to tell!

What would happen if I stopped posting updated content regularly, even if I still had a digital presence? Customers would think you don’t have anything interesting to offer them in real life either. The consequence? Empty tables.

√ Get good ratings and reviews

Yes, users love high scores because they generate trust when choosing the restaurant. So, if your customers are satisfied with your service, make sure they tell everyone about it, because that will increase your restaurant’s brand image quality.

You can send your customers messages through Dimmi after they leave your restaurant, and ask them to rate their experience and leave a review on our platform. If you have good ratings and excellent reviews, your brand reputation will spread like wildfire.

√ Ensure you have good online customer service

Another important part of the restaurant digital image is to properly communicate with customers who use digital channels. This is especially important on social networks and specialised platforms because anyone can read comments left by users and the replies they have received from the restaurant.

It is also ideal that your Facebook profile reads “Normally responds in a few minutes”, as this shows that your response level to private messages is high. This also goes for any messages received by email: questions, queries, changes to the reservations, special requests, etc. Replying to both positive and negative opinions received on platforms such as Dimmi and Tripadvisor is also recommended as this shows that the restaurant is interested in its customers’ feedback.

In these times of information overload, continuous interaction and a plethora of tools, attracting customers is an art, so we encourage you to actively work on your restaurant’s brand image, the results will speak for themselves. Remember that if your speciality is offering excellent service, your digital branding should transmit that to your customers.

To learn more about managing your restaurant’s digital image, please click here to contact your local Dimmi account manager.

How to Stand out on TripAdvisor

Every month, TripAdvisor advises more than 415 million travelers in their choice of restaurant. This is a great opportunity to give international visibility to your restaurant. If you have a restaurant and you’re reading this article, you probably have a presence on TripAdvisor or at least want one.

What’s certain is that there are a few key steps to make your business stand out on the largest travel website in the world. Take note of the following ways to succeed on this platform, and put getting clients to the ultimate test.

First: request or register your profile

Have you checked whether your business has a page on TripAdvisor? Sometimes clients create pages for restaurants by uploading images or posting their reviews. The first step is to access the management center (, type in the restaurant’s name, and request the profile if one already exists, or register a new page if one does not.

To protect ownership, you’ll be asked for your credit card information, but this is only to verify your identity, as creating a profile is completely free.

trip advisor listing

Read More

How to stand out on TripAdvisor – getting clients

Now you can get started!

Update your profile

From your computer, you can edit all of your restaurant’s visible information: name, contact information, location, photos, business hours, kitchen hours, prices, etc. by accessing the management center (

What happens if the restaurant changes owner? You can also change the owner of the account, including deleting photos and reviews from previous management, in order to start getting clients from scratch. To do this, you’ll need to provide official proof of the change in ownership and complete some other steps. If this is your situation, you can access TripAdvisor’s Help Center.

Increase your popularity on your TripAdvisor’s ranking

The popularity ranking uses an algorithm that takes into account these variables:

Dates, quality, and quantity of comments the restaurant receives. The more recent positive comments, the better!

This means that correctly managing comments is very important!

Although replying to comments is not mandatory, and the quality of replies does not affect the algorithms, doing so creates a very positive impression for all users, which makes getting clients easier and thus increases the ranking.

Creating authenticity and confidence

TripAdvisor carefully reviews comments before they are published to ensure that they meet certain standards and to verify their truthfulness. If the system detects something suspicious, it automatically alerts a team of specialists, who determine whether or not the comment follows the standards and avoids fraud.

That means you can be sure that the reviews your business receives are authentic!

Watch the video: “An opinion travels through TripAdvisor”

TripAdvisor also has policies and procedures to help owners deal with potential “extortion” from users. Some users may threaten to write negative comments unless they receive some kind of benefit. Report these cases using the management center ( to receive help from TripAdvisor’s staff.

Want to delete a comment you’ve received? Although it’s unusual, there are some cases where this is necessary, whether it’s because the user has left a comment meant for a different restaurant, or because the comment was maliciously written by a competitor, etc. In any case, TripAdvisor’s team of editors will make an evaluation and subsequently delete the comment.

In fact, it is important to remember that the following behaviors are penalized by TripAdvisor:

  • For the owner to write positive comments about the restaurant or to ask family or friends to do so to increase its ranking.
  • For the restaurant to offer discounts, incentives, or special treatment in exchange for positive reviews.
  • Contracting third parties to publish false comments.

Of course, you can invite clients to publish comments on TripAdvisor, using the “Express Opinion” tool, for example, or on social media.  That’s what it’s all about! But no business may force participation, or it will be penalized. This is to guarantee that the reviews are truly useful to users and that the restaurants’ profiles have equal opportunity to compete.

There is one more tool that TripAdvisor automatically adds when a restaurant registers.

The online reservation button!

On TripAdvisor, Dimmi technology is used in the reservation system available to all restaurants with a presence on the website. It’s an amazing advantage, since it allows users to make reservations directly, without leaving the platform. Have you tried it yet? Click here to get yours.

Now, if you already have a profile on TripAdvisor, and you’re generating quality comments and benefiting from the reservations button and promotional tools, we invite you to the next level: Try TripAdvisor Premium, where you’ll have access to more features that will make getting clients easier for you business.

To learn more about managing your profile on TripAdvisor, please click here to contact your local Dimmi account manager.

A recipe to abolish no-shows

Dimmi takes a stand against no shows

Imagine the Rolling Stones were playing at The State Theatre. You fork out $1,000 to nab four tickets, but on the day of the big show it’s cold outside so you decide to give it a miss – you no-show. Your four seats go empty and are not resold. It’s too late. The next day the State Theatre calls you up and says, “sorry you couldn’t make it last night, Mick Jagger says you can have your money back”. Sounds nuts right? It is – and it’s never going to happen, but unfortunately that’s exactly what the restaurant industry has been doing for decades.

No-shows are an accepted part of life, but the problem with the current booking methods in the restaurant industry is that they cause restaurants to bleed money. As it stands 3% of all bookings end in a no-show – and a big loss in profit.

No-shows for reservations are an age-old problem for restaurants – and it’s clear that consumers just don’t get it. They don’t understand how much it affects business. Not only does it affect profit margins but chefs put so much time and effort into preparation during the day, based on the night’s bookings. It also means that other diners who are arguably more committed, miss out on dining at a restaurant because of others who are inconsiderate and rude. It’s just not fair.

Although some restaurants are beginning to put payment systems in place as a security measure, the restaurant industry is years behind other sectors. Think about it: when you book a flight, you pay up-front; when you book a hotel, you pay up-front; when you book a show, you pay up-front. Even hairdressers, beauticians and doctors are now asking for pre-payments – or at the very least, a deposit.

No-show at any of the above and it’s just too bad – you pay for it. But book a table at a restaurant, and you only pay if you choose to show-up. It’s not right.

We need to stop operating like a charity and start operating like a business. The industry needs to catch-up with what is now standard practice in most other comparable sectors. We need to evolve to survive and thrive.

So, what are the facts?

  • Dimmi has published insights from its annual 2017 No Show Report, stating partner restaurants have blacklisted 38,000 diners since Feb 2016
  • No-shows cost the restaurant industry a staggering $75 million annually.
  • Data shows there’s been a 25% decrease in restaurant no-shows in the last 12 months

Ten key learnings from Hospo Game Changers

  1. Optimise your website for mobile users – Google will pick this up and rank mobile optimised websites higher on search results. Visit The Digital Garage and Facebook Blueprint for marketing tools to grow your business.
    Sam Christou – Google
  2. Be willing to try new things – It is important to be open to new opportunities, such as using a delivery service or testing hashtags on Instagram. If it fails, you‘ll learn from it, and if you get it right, you‘ll open up a new revenue stream.
    Jared Chapman – Dimmi
  3. Use your suppliers to train your staff – The cost of training your staff can add up considerably. Take advantage of your suppliers who are experts in their field to train your staff. From your wine supplier to your Dimmi Account Manager – this is a free service you should be utilising.
    Matteo Pignatelli – Matteo’s
  4. Send personalised emails to your customers – Instead of sending a generic email to your entire database, segment your customers and send personalised emails with a strong call to action, e.g. birthdays and anniversaries.
    Damian Janeski – MyGuestlist 
  5. Take the time to reach out to journalists – Journalists will simply delete your Press Release unless it’s unique, different and of interest to them. Use a story that is relevant, then take the time to write an email that is personalised, simple and concise.
    John Lethlean – The Australian
  6. Use your Dimmi reviews to establish KPI’s – Improve your Dimmi Score while motivating your staff by establishing KPI’s and an incentive program. When you receive a negative review, always sit on it for 24 hours before you respond.
    Brendan Keyte – Script Bar & Bistro
  7. Update your TripAdvisor listing – Find your restaurant listing on TripAdvisor and click ‘manage your listing’ to ensure your address and contact information is up to date.
    Melissa Laurie – TripAdvisor
  8. Prevent a negative review before it happens – If you find that a customer has had a negative experience, turn it around by resolving the issue before they leave.
    Graham Kinsey – Ten Minutes By Tractor
  9. Take note of who your customers are – To keep your customers coming back, go that extra step by taking note of the little details, from their birthday to their favourite table. You can add these customer notes in your reservation diary.
    Vanessa Crichton – Rockpool Dining Group
  10. Set yourself up right from the start – Know exactly where your money is going, right down to which dishes are costing you the most.
    David Macintosh – Pei Modern Group

How you can take advantage of the mobile evolution

Read More

Jason Jurna-Ross (Facebook), Sam Christou (Google), Simon Ross (UberEats)

  • Ensure your website is optimised for mobile users – Of the people that use smartphones – 70% are using them at home so it’s important that they are able to access your website! Google will recognise a mobile optimised website and rank it higher on search results. Mobile use spikes on morning commutes, lunchtime and when you get hom -look to do paid search around those times of day.
  • Who are you targeting? – Make sure you are targeting the correct demographic e.g. people who like a particular cuisine, people in the area of the restaurant. Then go out and engage with them – video works really well.
  • Don’t think about likes and shares – Think about real business results and whether your social media account has had an impact on your business.
  • Mobile payments have become huge in 2017 – the tech industry is looking to replace credit cards with mobile phones and are hoping to gain a lot of data as to how people use their phones from this.
  • “We know where you’re heading, we know your preferences – do you want to order your favourite food on your way home?” – this may be the next big thing, says Simon from UberEats.
  • “Google My Business” – Claim your business to update your opening hours and contact details. This service is free on Google search and you can find out more here.
  • Test and learn all the apps – Start to understand how your customers are engaging with certain products and why they are engaging.
  • Be clear on what your goals are – Do you want more customers or do you want more delivery orders? Once you identify your objectives, you can use the right avenue to accomplish them e.g. buy paid ads, set up an Instagram page.
  • Use geotags in your website – This will ensure that when people are searching for restaurants in your area, that yours show up!
  • Tips and tricks to improve how your restaurant sits on Google
    • It’s not purely based on price
    • Quality score – what you need to focus your time and attention on
    • Having a good mobile optimised site definitely helps
    • The more specific you are, the higher the conversion rate will be. It’s all about talking to the right people

Useful Links:
Google My Business
Digital Garage (online marketing)
Mobile Design Principles

Thanks to Tonic PR for these notes.

Hospo Game Changers 2017

The restaurant industry is unlike any-other. It touches millions of people everyday and is woven deep into the fabric of our society.
We live in a fast-paced world and restaurants need to keep abreast of these changes in order to stay ahead of the game.
We brought together an incredible panel of speakers; each of which have an impact on the Aussie restaurant industry, with the goal of inspiring Aussie restaurant owners to run a better business.

Agenda and speakers

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Key take aways from Dimmi’s Hospo Game Changers 2017

1. Why we do what we do…
Ramzey Choker – The Grounds of Alexandria
Be passionate about your business and always be looking to take things to the next level. It’s more than hospitality – it’s got to be about joy, beauty and inspiration.

2. How do I get more restaurant bookings?
Judy McMahon – Catalina & Anna Pavoni – Ormeggio Group
Nurture and utilise your customer database – it’s your most valuable asset. Send targeted, thoughtful emails and get your customers engaged!

3. What do Australia’s biggest food critics look for?
Pat Nourse – Gourmet Traveller, Myffy Rigby – The Good Food Guide & Georgia Booth – Broadsheet
Treat every guest like they’re related to the chef. Get the basics right – great food, great drinks, great service – and deliver it in a fun, unique way. And, if you have an off night, critics will always give you a second chance!

4. How can I manage my online reviews better?
Joanna Kershaw – TripAdvisor, Jared Chapman – Dimmi, Anna Pavoni – Ormeggio Group
Ensure you respond to every single review – the good, the bad and the ugly. Respond to online reviews as if EVERYONE is going to read it!

5. How can I get my restaurant ranked higher in Google search results?
Sam Christou – Google
Ensure your website is optimised for mobile users – Google will pick this up! Also, use geo tags to ensure that when people are searching for restaurants in your area that you show up!

Useful links:
Google My Business
Digital Garage (online marketing)
Mobile Design Principles

6. How can I get my restaurant in the media?
Rebecca Gibbs – PR Specialist, George Redmond – Wassamedia, Georgia Booth – Broadsheet, Nedahl Stelio – Fairfax Media
Be creative and think outside the box. Remember why you started your business and be true to that original idea. Know what you’re good at and play to your strengths.

7. I’m emailing top food publications but they’re still not writing about my restaurant – why?
Myffy Rigby – The Good Food Guide, Pat Nourse – Gourmet Traveller & Georgia Booth – Broadsheet
Make sure the content you’re submitting is relevant to the publication. Personalise the message and make it short and concise. A catchy headline and a few good images will grab their attention 100 time more than a press release!

8. Do I need a PR agency to help market my restaurant?
Myffy Rigby – The Good Food Guide, Jason Juma-Ross, Facebook
Use the social channels to market yourself. Take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram to target your customers and create great content. (Hot Tip: make sure your restaurant has good lighting for food gramming).

9. I’m working 12 hour days, my restaurant is busy, but I’m still not making any money – why?
Erez Gordon – Restaurant Consultant, David Wilson – MYOB, Tom Hay – Blue Rock Accounting Group & David Macintosh – Pei Modern Group
Set yourself up right at the start. Sign the right deal –  if the landlord isn’t on your side, it’s going to hamstring your business. Use the technologies available to you to balance your books on a daily/weekly basis to manage spending. Know exactly where your money is going, right down to which dishes are costing you the most!

10. What’s more..
Tom Hay – Blue Rock Accounting Group
Know your three most profitable dishes on the menu and ensure that your team are pushing those whenever they get the chance.

Restaurant & Catering Australia proudly supports the hospitality industry.  For more information on Restaurant Industry Priorities please email or call 1300 722 878 today.

ResDiary Plus iPad app

Designed to support the management of your restaurant during service, the ResDiary Plus iPad app syncs directly to your online reservation diary.

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The app features:

  • Team share – Available offline in up to 8 connected iPads
  • App works offline allowing uninterrupted support to your service – simply sync when back online
  • Table management made easy – get all the information you need at a glance
  • Beautifully intuitive with great drag and drop, pinch and zoom functionality specifically designed for iPad use
  • Save time with the simplified reservation process with less clicks to execute functions.
  • Real-time diary access 24/7 – manage your diary at any time
  • Assign different permissions by user for increased control
  • Group access to multiple restaurants
  • Different layout views for different areas in the business
  • Choose to view in standard day mode, or new night mode

Please note: you must have a floor plan set up in your ResDiary to use the app. You can easily set up your floor plan yourself by following the simple instructions here.

Download this free app here or search for ‘ResDiary Plus’ in the App Store.


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Dimmi announces major integration with Idealpos

Press Release

Dimmi and Idealpos, a leading hospitality point of sale supplier, have announced the launch of a new product enhancement as part of their partnership. This integration allows restaurants be more efficient and deliver seamless service to customers.

The two companies have joined forces to create an innovative tool that allows restaurants to automatically sync their Idealpos platform to their online restaurant diary (Dimmi Pro powered by ResDiary). This has been designed to allow restaurants to effortlessly seat guests and update table status’ throughout the service. You are also able to collect more data about your customers such as their favourite cocktail, while their total itemized bill will be stored in their ResDiary profile.

Restaurants can also take advantage of the integration’s guest recognition benefits, meaning that staff can take note of customer preferences in order to deliver a better dining experience.

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This partnership is a win for both restaurants and customers. Restaurants can utilise the system to operate more efficiently and customers can expect five star service in any establishment from the moment they walk through the door.

“We are always looking for ways to improve processes within the industry and we’re really excited to share this new feature with our restaurant partners. This technology can optimize the entire dining experience, making it flawless from the moment the customer walks through the door to the moment they sign the bill!” said Stevan Premutico, CEO and Founder of Dimmi.

Top 3 benefits of the Dimmi and Idealpos integration:

  1. Smooth Processes: guests with reservations can be seated quickly through ResDiary which will instantly update table status in Idealpos. Walk-in customers can also be quickly accommodated as free tables can be monitored through Idealpos or ResDiary and instantly capitalised on.
  2. Clear Visibility: when a status changes in either Idealpos or ResDiary the changes are reflected in the alternate system. This means staff have their finger on the pulse throughout service. They can know when the mains have been called, when the bill has been presented, when the guest has paid and the table needs to be cleaned.
  3. Customer Profiling: guest information can be automatically saved into the Idealpos database. This allows the venue to monitor information regarding the customer’s dining preferences and spending habits. Idealpos will send transaction details (bills and transaction total) back to ResDiary and this information is stored in the ResDiary customer profile.

“Idealpos is proud and excited to have the Dimmi, ResDiary interface available for restaurants. It means a seamless reservations experience for customers who use both products and I’m sure we will see an improvement in customer service across the board. Restaurants will be able to deliver a smoother, more professional and more attentive service to their diners and that’s a true win-win for everyone,” said Mark Beeley, Managing Director at Idealpos.

We also integrate with the below POS systems:

  • Ordermate
  • Impos
  • Micros
  • Pixle Point
  • Bepos
  • Vectron

Get in touch today to find out more.


Dimmi Rewards

The Dimmi Rewards program is designed to increase your exposure on Dimmi and bring you more of the right diners, more often.


How does Dimmi Rewards work?

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The Rewards Program allows participating restaurants to increase their exposure and drive more bookings through Dimmi. Diners who book and review 5 times through the Dimmi website or mobile app are incentivised to book an exclusive pool of restaurants through receiving a $20 food voucher.


Why join Dimmi Rewards?


Benefit from Rewards Program marketing on our website, across social media and in our weekly newsletter to 500,000+ foodies.


Increase your exposure on Dimmi and open your restaurant to bookings from over 385,000 Dimmi Rewards members.


Rewards diners eat out a lot are are willing to spend more money on a good experience. We exclude diners who book flash specials so you only receive diners who are prepared to spend more money.


How much does it cost?

There’s no extra cost to you! We will automatically credit back the $20 in your next billing cycle.


Dimmi and American Express announce long-term booking partnership

Press Release

Dimmi, Australia’s leading online restaurant reservations website, has announced an exclusive long term partnership with American Express Australia. In an Australian first, American Express will be fully integrated across the Dimmi booking platform enabling its Card Members to easily identify American Express accepting Dimmi restaurants, and make a reservation.
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CEO & Founder of Dimmi Stevan Premutico says the partnership is a significant win for their partner restaurants.

“American Express customers are some of Australia’s most sought after diners. Their Card Members are invariably the most affluent, premium spending diners that all restaurants should want dining at their business. They are true supporters of the industry and drive significant revenues, particularly through corporate dining.

“This partnership will not only benefit Dimmi restaurants by attracting more American Express Card Members but also benefits customers as it will make finding American Express friendly restaurants a breeze, it’s a symbiotic relationship,” Premutico says.

Sian Chadwick, Vice President Global Merchant Services Marketing, American Express Australia says they look forward to driving growth in the Australian dining industry through digital bookings.

“This partnership is a significant opportunity to provide our Merchants with the digital tools to drive more bookings and promote themselves. And it’s a great customer experience for our Card Members who want convenient booking options combined with earning rewards for dining out and paying with their American Express Card. This really is a win-win situation for both our Card Members and our dining Merchants.

Chadwick added, ‘We have some additional exciting Card Member benefits through our partnership with Dimmi that we will be announcing in the near future too.”

Data from American Express shows their customers are spending more than ever at Australian restaurants with:

  • American Express Card Members spent an average of $410 on all restaurant purchases in the month prior, relative to $272 average restaurant spend reported by Australian Non-Card Members*
  • 12.2% growth in American Express transactions across the fine dining sector**
  • 3.8% increase in total American Express spend in the fine dining sector**

The Dimmi Booking Network continues to expand rapidly and now includes major international and domestic brands such as Qantas, TripAdvisor, Google, Good Food and American Express.

Eliminate no – shows once and for all with Dimmi Payments

It’s here. Dimmi Payments has arrived. In an effort to rid the industry of no-showers forever we have launched a full payments solution that gives you three ways to protect against diners that book a table and don’t show – with no phone call, no pre-warning, nothing.

In a nutshell Dimmi Payments will allow your restaurant to:

Take credit card details to secure bookings (with the ability to charge diners a fee if they don’t show up or cancel last minute)

Take deposits (e.g $20 per person or per booking)

Charge a full payment or ticket when diners book. E.g $150pp for set degustation menu or $110 for Mother’s Day lunch.

With the launch of Dimmi Guarantees in May 2015 (the credit card component of Payments only) participating partner restaurants saw no – show rates reduce from 4% to less than 1% on average.  A full payments system was the natural next step for the industry and will assist at reducing no-show rates for big dining days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day that are notorious for no-showers.

So far there are 200 restaurants who have signed up for Dimmi Payments including Ripples Chowder BayMatteo’s RestaurantSt Michael 6003 and Casoni. And we expect the participation rate to rise, quickly.

Up until now restaurants haven’t had a way of securing bookings and holding diners accountable for making a reservation. With no money collected up-front restaurants are left vulnerable to customers changing plans, changing their mind or just not showing up.

Other comparable sectors such as airlines, hotels and theatres have been using payments for years. It’s time to restaurant industry caught up. Restaurateurs – say goodbye to no-shows and hello to increased revenue. Here are the top three benefits of using Dimmi Payments:

1. Reduce no-shows

2. Guarantee revenue

3. Better manage cash flow


4 things you should know about no – shows

  1. No-shows are accepted as a part of life, but the problem with the current restaurant industry is that they can cause restaurants to bleed money. The restaurant industry is years behind other sectors such as airlines and hotels, and we have no-choice but to catch-up, quickly, if we want to protect profit margins.
  2. The Australian restaurant industry has a no-show rate of approximately 4%. In an industry already on the knife’s edge (trying to survive on profit margins of 3-5%), restaurateurs need to maximise revenues and protect against no-shows. It’s one of the biggest issues facing the restaurant industry today.
  3. You can do something about no-shows! Dimmi Payments is a product that will help eliminate no-shows by:

    – Allowing you to ask diners to provide credit card details when making a booking as a guarantee. If a diner doesn’t show up, or fails to let you know that they can’t make it within the designated time period before their booking, you have the right to charge a no-show fee.

    – Allowing you to ask diners for a pre-payment or deposit when booking. This will be particularly useful for bigger dining days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Or if you offer set menus.

  4. Dimmi Restaurants that have adopted a guarantees or payment system have seen no-show rates drop from 4% to less than 1%. Here’s how it has helped Anna Pavoni of Ormeggio at the Spit:

    “We are a ‘destination dining’ venue, meaning we depend on bookings almost 100% exclusively – no walk-ins. We plan, prepare, order and staff for these numbers. Being right on the water means we are also incredibly affected by the weather. The major issue of no-shows (or very last minute cancellations) were having a huge adverse affect on our business. They were financially crippling us (imagine ordering the food and staffing the restaurant on weekend penalty rates, and then having up to 50% of your restaurant NOT TURN UP…and this was happening regularly), as well as leading to many disappointed customers who couldn’t book as we were fully booked at the time. Dimmi Payments has completely solved this issue for us. Completely.”

Keen to learn more about how you can eliminate no-shows? Simply email and one of our team will be happy to have a chat.